The Turtleman Rap Music Video (Official)

Here is the official video for the single "The Turtleman Rap" from the album "Feels Like Love." The Turtleman is the real deal and this day was just awesome. Thanks to Neil James for setting this up and making this happen and Ernie being up. more from inside joke:

Turtleman featured on Kentucky Afield TV!

Running full speed into a green pond is all part of the fun for the turtleman. Watch as he reaches blindly into murky waters infested with snapping turtles in hopes of grabbing the tail end of this sharp beaked beast.

Turtle Man "LiveAction"
Turtleman on WKYT 27

Ernie Brown Jr., The Turtle Man talks about his show Call of the Wildman on Animal Planet during this segment of WKYT 27 NewsFirst at noon.