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Spirits Are Watching Over Us I’m telling You

I’m sitting at the graveyard where I used to work to see a wonder. Well it happened! A big red fox came right in front of me. We starred at each other and he went on. Well a truck came by and its a foggy day. I talk to my friend Freddie Boat Man adn then two dogs came by….

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Check This Out

I’m walking around my field today to calm myself down and lower my stress, and I found a point just now! Its a blunt, but A Ok with what I needed to bless me. I’m finding my way back in 2017!

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Jesus Just Blessed Me On The Bluegrass Parkway

I’m doing 70 mph down the Bluegrass Parkway today and a big hawk came straight down at me. Right when I said he’s going to hit my windshield, he goes right over my big turtle truck! On my side! Ya Ya Yeah!

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